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I provide services to a variety of businesses including, but not limited to:


Retail, Automotive, Business Coach, Commercial Real Estate, Dentistry, Manufacturing, Security Services

Natalie Manor, Natalie Manor & Associates

Let me be very clear with you about my experience with Daniela (Danny) Wilson handling my finances and administratively getting the work done.


She and her work ethic are excellent. 


I believe she delivers the work and the excellence she does because of the following characteristics:


Integrity; Grace; Professionalism and Commitment


INTEGRITY:  You will never need to doubt if your work or information is secure.  Nor will you ever need to be concerned with trust.  Daniela has the highest standards and will apply all that she is to your work and needs.


GRACE:  Daniela is a lovely and caring woman.  She will take care of you in addition to the work she completes with you. 


PROFESSIONALISM:  Daniela runs her business with the highest standards of excellence that she will also apply to your work.  She does not scrimp on any portion of her work.  We have had many difficult situations involving technical, banking, on line information, etc and Daniela stayed the course and found the solution…much to my total relief and gratitude.


COMMITMENT:  Daniela respects and keeps deadlines.  She has never missed a commitment with my company and, much to my dismay, is early and an excellent “reminder” to me.  No late bills, taxes, documents etc.


When you decide to work with Daniela, Danny, you will be entering a high quality, professional, and caring relationship that will benefit you for every moment you work together.


I would be delighted to answer any questions about our work together. 


Thank you Danny for the 10+ years to time together and working together.  I have benefitted from your work, contribution and guidance.


Natalie R. Manor, Natalie Manor & Associates (Murfreesboro, TN)

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Danny is great! Like most small businesses we have numerous areas we focus on daily to make sure we consistently deliver an exceptional product to our customers. How nice it is to have someone like her to help us manage our accounting needs so that we can spend our time on the core aspects of our business. Her attention to detail in record keeping and proactiveness in helping us identify opportunities to reduce costs have been outstanding. Her communication is regular and timely, and she is a pleasure to work with. In fact, in a relatively short amount of time we have already come to regard her as an extended member of our team. Highly recommend!

Howard F Cone, DDS

For over 13 years Simplified Business Solutions has been a key cog in the efficient running of the business portion of my dental practice.   During those 13 years Daniela Wilson has flawlessly performed all of my bookkeeping and tax preparation requirements. 


I can sincerely say that Daniela’s professionalism and attention to detail have taken most of the worry out of the running of my business.  On a number of occasions Daniela’s attention to detail brought discovery to errors in our bookkeeping and allowed us to maintain the integrity of our books. 


I would highly recommend Daniela Wilson and Simplified Business Solutions to anyone who is in need of bookkeeping and tax services. Whoever becomes an SBS client will receive the best support there is for their accounting needs.


Howard F Cone, DDS

Stephen Scheu, Founder of Time & Pay

Johnson City, TN

Daniela has been handling our books for many years. We have always appreciated her knowledge, her thoroughness, her ability to understand our business. We would highly recommend her for her professionalism and her willingness to make sure our business needs are met.

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