There are many miles between Ludwigsburg, Germany and Kingsport, TN, where I live now….


I am originally from Ludwigsburg, Germany, where I graduated with a degree in retail sales management. When you are young, you never know where life will lead you, or which career path may be the best choice. Living in beautiful Northeast TN and loving balancing the numbers came together easily for me. I was fortunate to be able to work with energetic and business minded organizations and people:


Most influential were managing GK&S (Security Company) owners Lester & Schwana Riddle


Partnering with LBR Tax Services, William Speed, E.A. (Enrolled Agent with the IRS)

They are wonderful teachers and mentors and gave me my start in the business I own today.


Managing GK&S for over 11 years enabled me to understand every aspect of running a business. This is so valuable for me today, because I know what kind of pressures are on business owners and leadership. My clients’ biggest struggle is too many demands, which leads to unproductiveness. Knowing which task to let go of and let someone else help is a decision that is not made lightly, but it is a great investment in your businesses future.

Nothing excites me more in my business than when I see renewed energy and focus of leadership, because clients are less worried about the chaos of paperwork and can do what they are best at: coach a client, sell a product, offer their services, create a product, be a professional!

Let me serve your company by taking time-consuming tasks off your shoulders, then you can do what you do well, and I can help you create successful results.

It has been a pleasure to serve as an:

Accounting Professional, Bookkeeper, Confidant, Business Manager and Encourager.


Fun facts about myself, that are not work related: Though I may be a “nerd” in the office, I love the outdoors. I like spending my free time with my husband and our college age son riding motorcycles. I enjoy jumping on the back of a good horse and riding the beautiful trails we have around here. I also compete in a wonderful dog sport called Agility with our Doberman, Tyla.

Daniela Wilson "Danny"